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Battling Sexual Harassment At Work

Sexual harassment at work can be distressing as you experience acute personal hurt, shock, depression and anger over your circumstances. You may feel intimidated to report the sexual harassment for fear of losing your job. Loss of employment can create a deep family crisis for you, especially if you are unable to find new employment immediately.

It takes courage to stand up to being harassed at work. When you do, you will need an experienced and trusted lawyer unafraid to negotiate on your behalf or take your case to trial when it is necessary. Sindell and Sindell, LLP, in Cleveland has the trusted experience and compassion to assist you when taking on sexual harassment in your workplace. We will take the lead, aggressively battling employers that do little or nothing to protect their workers from sexual harassment. Our commitment to our clients has led to several million-dollar verdicts in their favor. Email or call us today for a free consultation at 216-292-6688.

We Are Ready To Help You Resolve Your Workplace Intimidation Issues

State and federal laws prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace. Corporate executives, small-business owners and hourly workers alike are charged with following the law prohibiting behavior such as:

  • Physical or verbal bullying
  • Unwanted touches or sexual advances
  • Requesting sexual contact
  • Sexually charged comments or jokes
  • Behavior creating an intimidating workplace
  • Displays of pornographic material

If you believe you have to tolerate these behaviors to keep your job, or if you did not get a raise or promotion because you refused your supervisor’s sexual advances, you may file a claim for sexual harassment.

Standing In Your Corner, Fighting Sexual Harassment

At Sindell and Sindell, LLP, our attorney Steve Sindell is considered one of Ohio’s foremost legal minds in employment law. He has led many clients to successful outcomes through negotiation and courtroom trials. He can help you. If you are contending with sexual harassment do not wait to get experienced legal counsel. Call our firm today at 216-292-6688.