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Your Professional License Is Your Most Valuable Asset

Your personal investment in obtaining your license was huge – your license represents your economic survival and your life career and goals – no effort should be spared in protecting it. Panic is a dangerous state of mind. No professional whose license is in the slightest jeopardy should attempt to write to or speak with anyone at a state board without first, at the very least, consulting an attorney who specializes in this highly risky and technical field – we have successfully advised and represented many professionals who are deeply grateful that they sought our assistance before acting on their own. But even if you have thusfar acted on your own, it is never too late to consult an experienced attorney. Contact Sindell and Sindell, LLP for reliable and aggressive advocacy To schedule free initial telephone consultation, call us at 216-292-3393 or contact our office online.

Employment Termination is a Crisis


Sindell and Sindell has years of experience in successfully representing employees. The first step in the right direction is to get the help you require – what you need is aggressive, strong representation and sound advice. We deal with claims of: sexual harassment; age, race, gender, religious, national origin and disability discrimination; and retaliation.

We are not afraid to confront and challenge big corporations.