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Providing Critical Advice On Executive Separation Agreements

You’ve devoted decades to a company you helped turn into a successful business. You’ve worked your way up in the ranks until you gained a highly lucrative position as a respected and knowledgeable executive. But, now, with little warning, you discover that your job will be eliminated. Losing a job is stressful. As you prepare to leave your job, make sure you document everything related to the separation. Keep good records of your emails, company memos and other evidence.

You need to ensure that the executive separation agreement you are being requested to sign is fair and in your best interests. Protect your future security by contacting our employment law specialist at Sindell and Sindell, LLP. Our firm has more than 50 years of experience in employment and labor law successfully representing Ohio residents. We are skilled and effective attorneys who will provide you with necessary and practical advice.

Determining Whether Your Severance Package Is What You Deserve

Before you accept an executive separation agreement, contact us. You will need a certified labor and employment law specialist to review the document to make sure it is fair and just. Attorney Steve Sindell is one of the region’s few certified labor and employment law specialists.

We will attempt to negotiate a fair and favorable agreement on what you deserve in matters that include:

  • The amount of the monetary severance package
  • Noncash severance benefits such as health insurance benefits and the length of time you can keep them
  • Determining whether a non-compete clause will be in place, whether it is fair, and its length of time

Contact Us To Ensure Your Employer Is Not Taking Advantage Of You

Sindell and Sindell, LLP, in Cleveland is a hardworking and persistent law firm with extensive knowledge in employment law. Our lawyers are thorough, determined and aggressive. Separation agreements can be complicated. We will explain them, and negotiate on your behalf to achieve the results that you deserve. Schedule a free consultation with us by completing our online form or calling our office at 216-292-6688.