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You’ve earned a new job. It suits you well, the responsibilities are wide and challenging, and you’ve agreed to accept it. But there are a few things your new employer wants you to do, and that includes signing documents that define your employment relationship.

Many of these documents are standard in an employer-employee relationship. However, some documents may require additional review from someone who can help you understand the details within. The attorneys at Sindell and Sindell, LLP, are skilled and seasoned attorneys in employment law. We have more than 50 years of experience and will provide you with the guidance you will need.

Providing Trustworthy Advice On A Variety Of Employment Contracts

Some of the most basic employment contracts include details on health care benefits, paid time off and sick leave and procedures related to employee grievances. You can handle these on your own, but there are other types of employment contracts that may seem complicated and need additional explanation. Should you sign them? If you are unsure, it is wise to pursue legal advice from an employment lawyer.

Among the types of work contracts that you may be faced with signing include those related to:

  • Confidential matters
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Intellectual property/invention ownership
  • Exclusive employment
  • No additional compensation
  • Termination
  • Arbitration

Our firm will provide you with answers to your questions. Sindell and Sindell, LLP, ranks as one of the region’s top negotiators in employment law. Our team includes Steven Sindell, one of the few Ohio attorneys certified as a specialist in employment law.

Explaining The Complexities Of Employment Contracts

Companies often rely on employment contracts when hiring their workforce. Many of these contracts can be difficult to comprehend. At Sindell and Sindell, LLP, we understand the complexities of employment contracts. We can help you. For a free consultation, email or call our firm in Cleveland at 216-292-6688 today.