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Our Skilled Representation Can Help You Protect Your License To Practice

Doctors have earned a respected place within their communities. Unfortunately, a single accusation can trigger an investigation that threatens a doctor’s medical license. Sindell and Sindell, LLP, represents physicians throughout Ohio in license proceedings. Our attorneys have more than five decades of legal experience and the knowledge necessary to combat the allegations you may be facing. Whether the disciplinary matter involves a billing issue, malpractice allegation or other type of claim, we will fight to preserve what you have established.

Tackling All Types Of Ohio Medical Board Actions

We deliver knowledgeable and assertive representation, working on a full range of medical license matters, including:

  • Financial or billing impropriety — Insurance regulations can lead to complications with patients’ billing statements resulting in highly charged accusations. If your patient claims that you billed them incorrectly or filed an erroneous insurance claim, we have the skill and resources to challenge false allegations against you.
  • Malpractice allegations — When your patient files a complaint stating your work did not meet professional standards, our firm will aggressively counter these allegations and mount a comprehensive defense.
  • Improper patient relationships — Patients sometimes misinterpret a physician’s empathetic word or gesture. If you have been accused of initiating improper sexual contact or seeking a relationship with a patient, we have the experience and sensitivity to present what actually occurred.
  • Alcohol or drug impairment — If you are facing a license sanction based on an alleged impairment due to prescription drug, illegal substances or alcohol abuse, we will help you seek a resolution that protects all affected parties.
  • Criminal convictions — A misdemeanor conviction completely unrelated to your practice could negatively impact your medical license. We will bring supportive information that might not be apparent on the record to the medical board’s attention.

Do not assume that you will avoid a license restriction, suspension or revocation just because you have behaved properly. It is easy for facts to get misinterpreted. With our guidance, you can make the strongest possible case while giving your career the best chance to move forward.

Countering Allegations Of Misconduct

Your medical license may be your most valuable asset. That’s why defending your physician license is crucial. Being the focus of an investigation by the Ohio State Medical Board can be a frightening experience. You know there is so much at stake, and that’s why you need a skilled and experienced employment law attorney for your license defense.

The lawyers at Sindell and Sindell, LLP, have represented physicians for cases involving substance abuse and addiction issues, alleged practice errors, billing and claims allegations, mental or emotional impairments and sexual or criminal issues. We are passionate about delivering the legal advice our physician clients need.

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