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When do you need a nursing license defense attorney?

Your Nursing License with the Ohio Board of Nursing is in Jeopardy.

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As an RN herself, Rachel Sindell understands how hard you worked for your Nursing License. Your license is not only your means of earning a living, it is your life career. You are not going to allow a layperson to start your patients’ IVs. Why would you allow a layperson (yourself) to represent you.


When should you contact a Board of Nursing License defense attorney

  1. You are about to fill out your Nursing License Renewal Application for the Ohio Board of Nursing, and you have to disclose information that can be cause for a disciplinary action.
  2. You have received a call or correspondence from a Compliance or Investigative Agent from the Ohio Board of Nursing, requesting you to contact them. It is highly advisable not to talk with or write to anybody at the Ohio Board of Nursing before you contact a nursing license defense attorney and discuss your issue. Under no circumstances should you sign a Consent Agreement without first consulting with an attorney who regularly practices before the Ohio Board of Nursing.
  3. You have been charged with a crime, either related or unrelated to your work as a nurse, and you are worried about the impact it may have on your Nursing License.
  4. You have received a Consent Agreement from the Ohio Board of Nursing. (In the cover letter you are given an opportunity to seek legal help before signing the agreement. Don’t be your own attorney. Your license and livelihood are in jeopardy. You should seek the advice of an experienced Ohio Board of Nursing License defense attorney before you enter into any agreement with the Ohio Board of Nursing).
  5. You are applying for a Nursing License from the Ohio Board of Nursing, and you have affirmative answers to some of their questions which might be damaging to you.
  6. You were given an Opportunity for a Hearing from the Ohio Board of Nursing, or you are scheduled for a conference with an Ohio Board of Nursing investigator
  7. Your Nursing License has been suspended by the Ohio Board of Nursing, and you need legal assistance with reinstating  your Nursing License
  8. You have an upcoming hearing scheduled before a Hearing Examiner
  9. You feel that your case in front of the Ohio Board of Nursing was not handled in a fair or satisfactory way, and you want a trial lawyer to appeal your case to the Civil Courts in Ohio

These are few of the many situations when your Nursing License might be in jeopardy. The Ohio Board of Nursing and the Ohio Attorney General both have experienced attorneys working for them. You need an experienced lawyer to represent you.

We have between us many combined years of aggressive trial court and administrative hearing experience. We have helped many nurses to save their licenses and their ability to work. If the results from the Ohio Board of Nursing are not satisfactory, we will not hesitate in the appropriate case to appeal to the Civil Courts in Ohio.

Don’t give up on your Nursing License . Give us a call.

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