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If you, as a licensed dentist in Ohio, receive a communication regarding your license from the Ohio State Dental Board, before responding orally to a Board investigation or Board representative, it is in your best interest to refrain from any discussion with a polite response that you wish to consult first with an attorney. This will not hurt you in the eyes of the Dental Board. They respect a dentist’s right to obtain legal advice from an attorney and will respect you for having the good sense to do so. Asking to consult with counsel is not and does not constitute, nor is it regarded as proof or admission of any guilt. If you suspect that you may be investigated by the Dental Board, it is wise to consult with a dental license defense attorney even before you hear from the Ohio State Dental Board. The Dental Board is not on your side and is not charged with a responsibility to protect your legal rights or advise you about what is in your best interest.Any threat to or attack on your dental license must be taken seriously, even if the threat or attack is exaggerated or unjustified. Such a threat or attack must be met rapidly and effectively. Seeking legal advice and, if necessary, legal representation is the first and best move you can make to protect your valuable dental license.

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