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Criminal Defense for Licensed Professionals

Ohio Firm Defends Licensed Professionals in Criminal Proceedings

Cleveland-area attorneys handle court cases and disciplinary matters

Every criminal accusation is serious, but when you are a doctor, nurse or another type of professional, criminal sanctions are just one part of your problem. A conviction can affect your legal authorization to practice and might even trigger a license suspension. From our office in the Cleveland suburbs, Sindell and Sindell, LLP is committed to providing comprehensive legal support to Ohio professionals facing criminal charges. With five decades of combined legal experience, attorneys Steven Sindell and Rachel Sindell are aggressive criminal defense advocates who take special care to resolve licensing issues that follow an arrest. In many cases, the criminal misconduct in question has no relationship to the defendant’s work or their ability to perform their professional duties. Our lawyers make the extra effort to draw meaningful distinctions and provide forceful advocacy so that our clients are not doubly punished.

Cleveland-area advocates deliver comprehensive defense representation

If you’ve been charged with a crime, there is no time to waste. Police and prosecutors start working immediately to gather evidence against you that might be used in court or disciplinary actions, so you need a skilled defense attorney just as promptly. We will outline your rights and assist you with:

  • Misdemeanor and felony charges — Our experienced lawyers understand the special considerations that exist when a professional is accused of criminal misconduct. In addition to pursuing a dismissal or acquittal, we also work to reach fair agreements on sentencing so that the negative impact on your career is minimized.
  • Professional license defense — In proceedings before the State Medical Board of Ohio, the Ohio Board of Nursing and other supervisory bodies, our firm is a passionate defender of professionals who face license sanctions. Regardless of the specific charge you face, we make sure that officials know the whole story.
  • Effects of convictions and sentences — Even if a conviction does not lead to incarceration, it can have a lasting impact on your career. For example, being found guilty of an OWI or drug possession charge might raise questions about whether a risk exists of impairment on the job. A restriction imposed on driving or leaving home might prevent someone from serving their clients. Our firm always looks at the big picture and presses for a result that allows you to continue your professional service.

Whether you are a nurse, a physician or another type of professional whose ability to work requires government authorization, we will take every step possible to reach a favorable outcome.

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Sindell and Sindell, LLP represents Ohio clients in criminal defense matters, along with the professional actions that often accompany criminal charges. Please call 888-441-4322 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our office located just outside Cleveland.

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