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We are living in tough economic times. Loss of employment can create a desperate personal and family economic crisis, particularly in a shrinking job market in which finding appropriate new employment can be a difficult and lengthy process.Every case does not have to be filed in court. An experienced employment attorney with a recognized reputation and a successful track record as an expert specialist in representing employees will command more respect from employers and their lawyers. And rest assured, the employers and their lawyers know who those  attorneys are. An experienced employee attorney representing you is in a better position to obtain successful resolutions without filing or at least without protracted, time-consuming litigation. And one of those reasons such experienced attorneys for employees command respect from their opponents is because these employee attorneys have already demonstrated the determination and skill to obtain good results for their clients in jury trials when it makes sense to fight a case against the employer in court.

A competent and experienced employment attorney knows that his or her employee-clients suffer not only economic distress, but also acute personal hurt, shock, depression and anger when unjustly and unlawfully terminated without good cause. Understanding and empathizing with this agony of our clients can be as critical to a positive outcome as the legal effort.

We know that immediately after a wrongful termination, successfully obtaining unemployment compensation benefits is as important as a life-preserver to someone who is drowning. The chance of success in an unemployment benefits claim is enhanced when the claimant is represented by competent counsel with experience in handling unemployment compensation claims. Another important concern of our clients is what his or her former employer is going to say to a prospective new employer seeking a reference. Still another worry, often exaggerated in our clients’ minds, is what impact a lawsuit against a former employer will have on our clients’ effort to obtain new employment. These are among the critical matters with which we deal on a regular basis.

Finally, there is a big warning which all employees should heed: the longer you wait to seek legal advice the more difficult your circumstances can become. If you have the slightest concern or fear that your employer may terminate your employment, you should immediately have a private consultation with an experienced attorney who specializes in representing employees. With good legal advice, particularly while you are still employed, you may be able to delay being terminated or avoid it altogether. We have saved many jobs for our employee-clients who immediately consulted us when they became worried about being terminated. And if your employer ends up terminating you anyway, the sound legal advice you received about how to conduct yourself while still employed can put you in a much stronger legal position after you are terminated. Remember, the employers of the world have dealt with multiple cases of separating employees from their companies. You only have one case, your own. Consulting an experienced attorney who is looking out for your best interest balances the scales. So don’t wait or hesitate to obtain sound legal advice. There is a great deal at stake. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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