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An Ohio Nurse who believes she/he has been damaged by a bad faith conduct of an employee of the Ohio Board of Nursing.

There may be occurrences where employees of the Ohio Board of Nursing execute their official duties carelessly, mistakenly or incorrectly. For these types of errors, Ohio Revised Code Section 4723.021 Immunizes or shields them from any liability for the harm or injury they may cause. However, this immunity is qualified. The statue only protects Ohio… Read More »

Civil Rights of Nurses, Salt Lake City, Arrest of Nurse Alex Wubbles

There are numerous state and federal laws governing employers. These laws are designed to protect employees in multiple circumstances and a wide variety of job categories and endeavors Obviously, those same legal protections extend to the employment of nurses. One recent and widely publicized example occurred in Utah. A Salt Lake City Police Department Detective… Read More »

Summary or Automatic Suspension of a Nursing License without a Hearing

Ohio Revised Code Section 4723.281(B) states in pertinent part as follows: (B) When there is clear and convincing evidence that continued practice by an individual licensed under this chapter presents a danger of immediate and serious harm to the public, as determined on consideration of the evidence by the president and the executive director of… Read More »


If you receive a Notice of Opportunity for Hearing from the Ohio Board of Nursing you have 30 days from the date on the Notice within which to request a hearing. The request must be in writing and sent by mail or email (to the mailing or email address specified in the Notice of Opportunity… Read More »


Many cases are resolved in settlements (rather than formal hearings) with the Ohio Board of Nursing. However, signing a Consent Agreement without first consulting an experienced nursing license defense attorney is foolish and risky. Once you have signed a Consent Agreement and it is adapted by the Board, you have forever forfeited your right to… Read More »

Fair Resolution vs. A Litigated hearing or Court Appeal Advice by Ohio Nursing License Defense Attorney

The best attorneys are those who can resolve your case without an expensive time-consuming hearing. A resolution can be achieved by a negotiated settlement which is called a Consent Agreement.  Sometimes a formal administrative hearing pursuant to O.R.C. 119.09 cannot be avoided and it is in a nurse’s best interest to fight. In those circumstances,… Read More »

What Should a Nurse Do When Contacted by the Ohio Board of Nursing (2)

Representation by a Nursing License Defense Attorney specialist is a nurse’s right. Representation  by an Ohio Nursing License Defense Attorney is suggested to all nurses who have pending investigations or cases with the Ohio Board of Nursing.  Fear that the Ohio Board of Nursing will hold against you that you chose to be represented by… Read More »

Sindell and Sindell Ohio Nursing License Defense Attorneys

Attorney Steven A. Sindell’s latest argument in front of the Ohio Supreme Court on behalf of a CNP client: Call sindell and Sindell Ohio nursing license defense attorneys. https://www.ohiochannel.org/MediaLibrary/Media.aspx?fileId=147277 Sindell and Sindell Ohio Nursing License Defense Attorneys

Injury Lawyers in Cleveland, Ohio and in the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area

Personal injuries can occur at any time to men or women of all ages.  Negligence can cause physical or emotional personal injuries in many ways.  Automobile or motorcycle accidents are common causes of personal injuries.  The negligence of a doctor can give rise to a medical malpractice claim.  Nursing home patients or residents can sustain… Read More »

Representation of Dentists in Front of the Dental Board of Ohio

If you, as a licensed dentist in Ohio, receive a communication regarding your license from the Ohio State Dental Board, before responding orally to a Board investigation or Board representative, it is in your best interest to refrain from any discussion with a polite response that you wish to consult first with an attorney. This… Read More »