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Multi-State Nursing Licenses

Many nurses have nursing licenses in more than one state. These include travel nurses as well as nurses who obtained Ohio Licenses by examination and thereafter obtained endorsement licenses in states which border Ohio, such as Kentucky, West Virginia,

Civil Rights of Nurses, Salt Lake City, Arrest of Nurse Alex Wubbles

There are numerous state and federal laws governing employers. These laws are designed to protect employees in multiple circumstances and a wide variety of job categories and endeavors

Obviously, those same legal protections extend to the employment of nurses. One


Pursuant to ORC 119.07     , any nurse charged by the Ohio Board of Nursing with violations of the Nurse Practice Act (or with a breach of a Consent Agreement) is entitled to request a formal administrative hearing. The right

Does The Ohio Board of Nursing have a Right to Discipline A Nurse for a Misdemeanor

The answer is yes, depending upon the underlying conduct which constituted the misdemeanor.

The mere commission of a misdemeanor by a nurse is not in and of itself, standing alone, an independent ground for the Ohio Board of Nursing to

Fair Resolution vs. A Litigated hearing or Court Appeal Advice by Ohio Nursing License Defense Attorney

The best attorneys are those who can resolve your case without an expensive time-consuming hearing. Sometimes a formal administrative hearing pursuant to O.R.C. 119.09 cannot be avoided and it is in a nurse’s best interest to fight. In those

What to Do When Contacted by the Ohio Board of Nursing (2)

Representation by a Nursing License Defense Attorney specialist is a nurse’s right. Fear that the Ohio Board of Nursing will hold against you that you chose to be represented by Counsel is completely unjustified. The Board respects and honors

What to Do When Contacted by the Ohio Board of Nursing (1)

Any threat to your hard-earned nursing license creates reactions of fear, upset and even desperation and panic. It paralyzes the ability to think clearly and respond wisely. Whether or not you believe you are guilty or not of a

Ohio Nursing License Defense attorneys

Ohio Nursing License Defense Attorney 

As a CNP and an attorney, who has been dealing with the Ohio Board of Nursing for years. Rachel Sindell understands the importance of hiring an Ohio Nursing License Defense Attorney. Don’t handle your case

Sindell and Sindell Ohio Nursing License Defense Attorneys

Attorney Steven A. Sindell’s latest argument in front of the Ohio Supreme Court on behalf of a CNP client: Call sindell and Sindell Ohio nursing license defense attorneys.


Sindell and Sindell Ohio Nursing License Defense

Injury Lawyers in Cleveland, Ohio and in the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area

Personal injuries can occur at any time to men or women of all ages.  Negligence can cause physical or emotional personal injuries in many ways.  Automobile or motorcycle accidents are common causes of personal injuries.  The negligence of a